HEKa Creative Labs, LLC was founded with the intent to make mental health care more available and affordable to all those in need by implementing innovative NFT and Web3 technology. Created by a socially conscientious team with extensive blockchain experience, the company’s aim is to develop a safe, anonymous and effective alternative mental health care environment in the Metaverse for those who seek emotional well-being but may not have the financial means nor willingness to seek one-on-one or group, in real life, counseling. By utilizing new technology, HEKa Labs believes it’s possible to de-stigmatize mental health disorders and bring healing to those in need.



At one point or another in their lives, many people experience a mental health challenge: some concerns are fleeting, some are not. Despite well established in real life organizations that offer free and committed anonymity, many people still fear seeking treatment due to the stigma associated with it. Friends and family may look at them differently. Insurance coverage could be affected. Celebrities often don’t seek help because they are rightfully worried about being front-page news. Military and law enforcement officials worry they could lose their jobs.

As of April 2022, Mental Health America reports the number of people looking online for help with their mental health increased significantly from 2019-2021. In 2021, over 5.4 million took a mental health screen, representing a 500% increase over the number of people who completed a screening in 2019. Of the nearly one million people who took the anxiety screen in 2021, 79% scored with symptoms of moderate to severe anxiety. These statistics vary according to sourcing, but the bottom line is clear. People are seeking ways to address their mental health concerns and HEKa Labs believes the Metaverse can address those needs by giving those who are uncomfortable with speaking about their mental health a place they can do so anonymously.


Create a safe space online using Web3 technology. During Covid, HEKa Labs was established. The aim of our launch was to allow users to have a safe space using custom avatars as their online persona to receive anonymous mental health services. In this way, participants’ identities can be completely protected in a way not yet availed in real life. By creating a visually soothing and welcoming Web3 space, users can engage in a virtual reality while being counseled in real time trained professionals. No need to leave your house. No need to state your name. No need to do anything more than enter a Metaverse space and listen until you decide to engage. The technology will allow interaction according to, when and if the client wants to interact. Anonymously. Imagine a world in which you can speak freely about your deepest truths, to a top specialist and never worry about being personally nor professionally judged, labeled or revealed.

Meet The Team

Hugo Velazquez


A father first, Hugo is a military veteran who has spent several years in developing and growing businesses. He has done charity work with the businesses he has owned and operated, namely haircuts for the homeless. His interests in web3 pushed him towards pursuing a certification in Blockchain, Digital Currency, Fintech and Blockchain Programming. He himself, at one point in his life having his own bouts with anxiety and mental health, knows first-hand how essential having a support system is and is focused on creating innovative ways to deliver mental health services.

Elizabeth Beach


A tech savvy learning and development specialist, Elizabeth has spent several years in the tech industry focusing on training and customer service. Her love for tech innovation drove her to obtain her Masters in Blockchain and Digital Currency. Over the years she realized that she has never felt safe to talk about her fears and the pressures of life from being so driven. She realized that web3 can provide the anonymity she craved when talking about her mental health and decided to develop a company devoted to creating solutions that could satisfy this need.

Kate Carter


A philanthropist, physical therapist assistant and mother, Kate has seen first-hand how much inequality exists within the medical industry and the impact of the pandemic had on mental health. Working on the covid unit of the mental health ward at the hospitals she is contracted with, Kate saw how people struggled to get basic care due to therapist shortage. Through the pursuit of her Masters in Blockchain and Digital Currency, she saw clearly how the Metaverse can be used to supplement this shortage and provide mental health care to those who are in isolation.

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